Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Song of a Ballerina

Hope you enjoy this song/chant that I made up for our class. Thanks to Ellen and Arianna for the title:)

The Song of a Ballerina

For the first verse start with feet together and bend knees every time you say plie (plea-ay).
This is called a plie, plie, plie,
This is called a plie.
Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.

For this verse point one foot to the side and tap your toes gently to the floor keeping your knees straight. pique (pea-kay)
This is called a pique, pique, pique.
This is called a pique.
Point. Point. Point.

For this verse bend one knee at a time and march when you say the word passe (pah-say).
This is called a passe, passe, passe.
This is called a passe.
March March March.

For this verse turn on your tip-toes with your arms above your head making a frame around your face.
This is called a ballet turn, ballet turn, ballet turn.
This is called a ballet tun.
Tippy toe around.

For this verse circle your arms in ballet positions front, up high, out to the side, and then down in front. port de bras (pore-de-bra)
This is called a port de bras, port de bras, port de bras.
This is called a port de bras.
Move your arms.

For this verse jump on 2 feet with ankles together every time you say saute (soe-tay).
This is called a saute, saute, saute,
This is called a saute.
Jump. Jump. Jump.

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  1. Jen, I love this! I would love to see you in action! What a great class!