Friday, May 6, 2011

Animal Action

A long time ago I collected a lot of cds by Greg & Steve
from the library. They play cute songs that include talking and singing through movements and stretches. I have bought a few of their songs and use them in my classes. The music is totally 80s but the kids don't mind and it brings back good memories for the adults:)

The song I want to focus on this week is Animal Action. I found the song on youtube so you can use at home! (Or you can go to amazon and buy the song or check it out from your library) I hope you'll take a minute to listen to this cute song with your kids. I don't need to tell you how to dance like the animals in the song--elephants, monkeys, snakes, birds, frogs--you can figure that out. Better yet, let your child show you. Just make sure to exaggerate your motions and make some animal noises.
Before or after you use this song with your child ask her what her favorite animal is, or ask him what other animals he can think of and try to dance like those might dance. Take a trip to the zoo and dance like the animals that you see while you are there.

Relax and enjoy being silly with your little one. You can't help but smile and have fun with this song!

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  1. SF and I have been practicing Animal Action at home -- she was VERY surprised to hear the song on the computer after only hearing it in class before :)